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I live in the southern part of Norway, near Kristiansand.


I got my first labrador in 1967,   12 years old. Toya was by a pet bitch, and Ch. Sandylands Rough Tweed( Ch. Sandylands Tan, litter brother)


Some years later I purchased two labrador bitches from the famous swedish Mallard’s kennel, none of them breed successfully. But it was with Brit and Arnfinn Havaker (Mallards kennel) my hart and soul was filled with labradors. They intruduce me to the labrador world, and I was hooked. It was during that period I started to read books and learn pedigrees of english and nordic labradors.


In 1984 I met Joyce and Les Brabban  at a show in Norway. I was invited to come over and see their litter by Cambremer Montclair x Ch. Charway Blackthorn of Follytower . I decided to buy a bitch puppy, named Norw. Sh. Ch. Cambremer Bianca. She grew up to be the most beautyfull bitch, both in body and soul. She was  my foundatin bitch.

While I stayed with Brabbans they took me to Audrey and Allan Chapman, Croftspa  labradors. At that time  Sh. Ch. Croftspa Hazelnut of Foxrush won CC’s nearly at every show in Brittan. I asked for a bitch puppy by Foxrush Caprice of Croftspa’s next litter. And the year after I went back and brought home Nor. Ch. Croftspa Chinatea (Bradking Rangeway Mr. Chips x Foxrush Caprice of Croftspa). She went on to be my second foundation bitch .


The most significant labradors bred in the kennel has been Nor Ch. Fieldvalley’s Dexter (Ch. Guidelines Copyright x Ch. Croftspa Chinatea) Most winning labrador in Norway 1995 and a group winner.

Nor..Ch. Cambremer Bianca was bred to Ch. Surprising’s Montgomery, and produced  Ch. Fieldvalleys Alina Mertoun. She was a bitch with all the qualities I am looking for in a labrador.

Ch. Fieldvalley’s Magda is probably the best I have bred, by a granddaughter of Ch. Croftspa Chinatea , Guideline Dailuaine to a dog named Ch. Pangro’s Villert. She has been BOB several times, she has won groups too and she was runner up to most winning labrador in 2000.


I have made up 10 Norwegian Labradors, and 1 Swedish.


Of imports, I have mentioned Ch. Cambremer Bianca and Ch. Croftspa Chinatea

The next import was Ch. Cuanbank Tug A’War (full brother of Angela Williams  two champion bitches Ch. Cuanbank Island Mist at Foulby and Ch. Cuanbank Maggie May at Foulby)  . He had a good show  carreer in Norway, and he won a group at a kennel club show. He figurates in  the pedigree of winning dogs today.


The show team today, who do well in the show ring, are Fieldvalley’s Sally Mertoun (Sw. Nor.Sh.Ch. Mambrinos Smasher x  F. Paula Mertoun )  2CC, and Nor.Sh.Ch.Fieldvalley’s Thomas (Nor. Sh.Ch. Surprisings Noah x Annual’s Dream Girl).


As the years has gone, you can find my dogs as ancestors to winning Labradors in almost every country of the world, and I am proud of that.


I am a breeder of show labradors, and I will always try to breed nice and healthy Labradors, with good Labrador  temperament.


I have no spesific policies and theories, but  I think the best way to learn about breeding , is to ask, listen and do as the most successful breeders tells you, those breeders who has a champions in almost every litter. Try to find the best ones.




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